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Care for Your Dress

Thank you for purchasing or renting your very own Flutter dress!

  1. All Lace dresses, all one color: Hand wash when you can, if needed you can also machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Dryer is fine however low heat is recommended. 

  2. All Lace Dresses, different colors: This is hand wash / dry clean only as the colors will bleed into the white lace. If you hand it, have it upright so the brighter color doesn't rinse all over the neutral color. 

  3. Solid color dresses: Hand wash when possible. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, low heat dryer

  4. SLIPS can simply be washed regular in the washing machine. Please always wash the slips before return.

  5. If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact me!

Hand wash instructions: Fill up tub with cold or lukewarm water , mix in detergent. soak for a bit, then rinse and air dry/ low heat dry

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